Commune is a seamless, external communication hub between businesses and customers

Unlike traditional Customer Success platforms that primarily pay attention to interactions within internal teams, Commune focuses on building positive customer relationships by utilizing an external portal.

We've helped 100+ client portals and communities

How Commune is different from
traditional Customer Success platforms

The ultimate goal of Commune is to enhance the customer experience and create lasting, 
meaningful connections between businesses and their clients.

Help all clients efficiently,
not prioritize them blindly

Unlike traditional Customer Success platforms, which are primarily for internal communication among CSMs to manage and prioritize accounts, Commune believes in providing all clients with the appropriate support and proactive engagement, regardless of their health scores.

Customer Success teams
with tradational CSPs

Customer Success teams with Commune

  • Gainsight
  • Totango
  • ChurnZero
  • Planhat


Facilitate communication
with customers at scale

Commune is the ideal solution for a multitude of essential business functions. By utilizing Commune, activities such as customer education, fostering customer relationships, and gathering feedback are all streamlined and centralized in a single, organized location.

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