Top teams choose Commune to proactively manage customer communication

Ticketing services like Zendesk are great, but there is much more you can do to support your clients before they need to reach out for help. With Commune, you can preemptively provide them with the support you anticipate they need, rather than reacting to requests for assistance.

Commune vs. Zendesk


Commune is an all-in-one solution to build and nurture customer
relationship and engagement. Launching your client portal couldn’t
be easier with a remarkably simple process.

One central hub for all customer and external

Proactive communication and personalization for users

The capability to track each user's actions and interactions
with portal content, such as knowledge base articles

Light-weight knowledge base and Q&A along with many other features to boost customer engagement

Community forums feature available across all tiers

Prompt support from a dedicated customer success manager available

No hidden fees or costs

Onboarding and adoption guidance across all tiers


Teams lose customer support opportunities with a passive ticketing system and knowledge base. Customers won’t have the chance to foster a sense of community.

Disparate, individual apps creating an unwieldy tech stack to serve customers effectively

Passive communication occurs after users reach out for help

The absence of a user behavior tracking feature leading to a limited understanding of the effectiveness of support content for users

Product focused on customer support through ticketing and internal communication

Community forums feature only available for higher-level tiers

Insufficient support or unhelpful customer service

Additional fees for customization of the product to fit your requirements

Onboarding and adoption guidance only available higher-level tiers

We've helped 100+ client portals and communities

What makes Commune different

Commune is an excellent tool for businesses focused on the user experience, providing a
variety of high-quality touch-points to strengthen connections with your customers.

Built for Customer Success, not for ticketing

Commune is built for communication and collaboration with customers at scale. High-touch support enabled by tech-touch empowers your customer success team to provide prompt and exceptional support to those who need it the most.

Your wishes turned into reality, effortlessly

With Commune, you can build a central space for customer communication that is fully manageable with no code. All tiers come with a white-label client portal with no Commune logo. Automating workflows powered by integrations will save you tons of time and costs, resulting in more resources to provide high-touch support to those who need it.

Customer data tracing each user’s unique journey

Customer data tracing each user’s unique journey In contrast to the lack of a feature for tracking user behavior and interactions in Zendesk, Commune provides detailed user information such as the number of posts viewed and comments posted, user by user. This leads to a more comprehensive understanding of each individual user’s journey, ultimately supporting sales and marketing teams and enhancing the overall user experience.

Integrate your favorite apps-or build your own

”Connect Commune with your existing tech stack to automate tasks and access actionable insights.”