How SHE transforms learning and community engagement with Commune

Miki Ito

Community Manager

"With Commune’s data integration, our community management became significantly more efficient while reducing operational costs and workload."

"With Commune’s data integration, our community management became significantly more efficient while reducing operational costs and workload."


Imagine a world where each person can showcase their unique talents and live with boundless enthusiasm – that’s the captivating vision of SHE. At the heart of their mission is the creation of a career platform that weaves together community spirit and cutting-edge technology. Among their trio of innovative products – SHElikes, SHEcreators, and SHEmoney – SHElikes is a career school community tailored for women, offering an extensive array of 41 courses (as of May 2023). These courses span the realm of creative skills such as web design, web marketing, and writing, empowering women to work on their own terms.


Before adopting Commune, SHE faced two significant challenges with their previous community platform. The first challenge was a low rate of activity within the online community, a crucial component in realizing their overarching goals. and the second was the existing platform created a disconnect for students attempting to understand the ethos of SHE. The design discrepancies between the community platform, SHE’s official website, and student personal pages created discomfort in the brand experience.


The decision to transition to Commune stemmed from a strategic evaluation of its features. The user-friendly interface, efficient content categorization, and customization capabilities addressed the shortcomings faced by the previous platform. Commune’s UI made it easy for students to understand the flow within the digital space, improving visibility and maintaining a variety of topics within the community. Moreover, the platform’s ability to categorize and organize content became a pivotal factor in maintaining a diverse range of topics within the community.

The migration to Commune allowed for a renewed community, aptly named SHEstation. The positive reception was evident in user feedback, with comments highlighting the ease of understanding organized information and the cohesive alignment with SHE’s brand.

Solution & results

SHEstation, the revitalized community for SHElikes students, evolved into a hub for communication, study group events, and job opportunities. Approximately 80% of SHElikes students actively participate in SHEstation, emphasizing its integral role. The strategic communication during the community renewal, coupled with the seamless integration of login credentials between SHEstation and SHE’s personal page, contributed to a notable increase in participation and activity levels.

Post the introduction of SHEstation, there was a discernible uptick in community activity, particularly in events led by the community. The streamlined event announcements and increased engagement metrics, by 30% at times, depicted a thriving online space, enabling the company to discover the latent, not-so-obvious engagement of users who were previously not responsive. Beyond the evident benefits in engagement, operational costs saw a significant decrease. Commune’s integration with the database automated participant management, resulting in enhanced efficiency and reduced workload.

Looking ahead, SHE perceives the community as the bedrock for achieving their educational and professional goals. Beyond the immediate focus on learning and working, the vision extends towards transforming the community into a dynamic platform fostering interaction, support, and collective growth.

The transition to Commune not only addressed challenges but emerged as a strategic move that positively impacted engagement, operational efficiency, and the overall coherence of the community with SHE’s brand identity.

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