The all-in-one AI powered community platform that
changes the way you interact with customers

Commune works as a community platform for growing businesses to serve their customers in effective and scalable ways

Provide personally optimized and unique experience for each user

Commune’s content visibility optimization capability helps users access to specific contents that are relevant and convenient to them. By tailoring content, services, and recommendations to individual preferences and behaviors, personalization can improve user engagement and satisfaction.

Gain a holistic view on each user and their journey

The information gathered through the portal helps understand the complete customer experience and reveal patterns and trends in customer behavior, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions that drive growth and success.

Build a fully customizable community with no-code

Commune lets you create and manage a user-friendly, dynamic customer portal without the need for technical expertise or resources. By reducing development time and costs, your business can free up resources for other impactful initiatives.

Before Commune

With Commune

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Core features


Provide users with spaces where they can interact each other for P2P support.

Knowledge Base

Organize up-to-date knowledge about your product and services.

User training

Organize up-to-date knowledge about your product and services

Event management

Manage webinars and other events related to your product and services

Newsletter & notifications

Send out email notifications and push notifications when you publish content

Survey & feedback

Conduct surveys and gather user feedback to identity future business and product opportunities.

White-label app

Build your own app for the portal for boosted accessibility and engagement

Integrate user data in Commune with your existing tech stack to turn your insights into actions.

Improving the efficiency and agility of customer success efforts means better services and more satisfaction for both businesses and customers.

Keep your customer communication focused on what technology can’t replace

Achieving the optimal outcome is the number one priority for any team, and not all of it needs to be done through time-consuming manual work. Commune’s capabilities including automation and integrations save you tons of resources.

Embrace each customer's unique journey

No more one-size-fits-all experience design. Provide a personalized user experience for each customer by controlling content visibility and letting customers learn at their own pace.

Leverage the power of customers for the better customer success outcome

Use customer feedback as a beacon for your business growth. Listening to customers through Commune’s various features enables your team to address customer pain points and stay competitive by staying in tune with customer needs and preferences.

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