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The commonly observed situation in
digital customer communication

Unintegrated and one-way communication channels

Customer have to use 5-10 different solutions, so do admins

Poor data

• Data is soiled
• Not sure who have viewed and actioned
• Not integrated with your customer data

One size fits all communication

Personally optimized experience is impossible

Commune realizes impactful customer
communication at scale

Interactive and unified customer communication

One-stop shop for customers and admins

Integrated and valuable dataset

• All features in one place' means all the data in one place
• Keep Track of customers' behavior across features
• Fully integratable with CRM

Data driven community experience optimization

Workflow and Personalization feature

Core Platform Features


Provide users with spaces where they can interact each other for P2P support.

Knowledge Base

Organize up-to-date knowledge about your product and services.

User training

Organize up-to-date knowledge about your product and services

Event management

Manage webinars and other events related to your product and services

Newsletter & notifications

Send out email notifications and push notifications when you publish content

Survey & feedback

Conduct surveys and gather user feedback to identity future business and product opportunities.

White-label app

Build your own app for the portal for boosted accessibility and engagement

Building is easy, success is the challenge.
Partner with us for expert support and tailored
consultancy to reach your community goals


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