How Squadcast drives product adoption with Commune

Modhilal Moorthy

Associate Product Manager

Commune helps us to build the community to
educate our customers, scale the product and
collaborate with like-minded people in the SRE 
and DevOps space.

Commune helps us to build the community to educate our customers, scale the product and collaborate with like-minded people in the SRE and DevOps space.


Squadcast is a San Franciso-based, B2B company that offers cloud-based software designed around Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) practices with Incident Management and On-call Scheduling capabilities. The SaaS solution makes alerting & on-call management more intuitive at a reactive level, and automates human tasks for SRE into workflows at a proactive level.

The current challenges they are tackling within the incident management space range from poor ease of use, alert fatigue, lack of centralized access incident data, expensive tooling, etc. Squadcast aims to be the most user-friendly tool helping engineers do on-call scheduling and incident response in one single platform.


As Squadcast grew, they needed help to educate their users efficiently and effectively and execute successful customer success practices to support them in a user-centric culture. 

While Squadcast had exhaustive Documentation and Blogs resources where they provided their users with latest updates on the product, they hadn’t implemented a customer portal where the users could interact with each other and share their best practices and opinions.
Therefore, they were at risk of missing opportunities to improve user retention, build user engagement, and collect user feedback for product improvements. They also needed a platform to manage the subject-matter expertise of the incident management solutions in an organized, but engaging way. 

  • Improvement of user adoption and retention 
  • Need for a tool that enables open communication and collaboration with the users


In 2022, Squadcast decided to invest in building a platform aiming for better user communication and experience. They needed a solution that could help them scale up their post-sales customer success efforts and drive the adoption and retention of their users.
Squadcast and Commune partnered to accomplish the following:

  • User engagement: Commune’s community features such as Challenges encourage users to be incentivized for actions they take within the community, ultimately contributing to increased user engagement and retention. Squadcast also posts and manages events on Commune for the upcoming webinars and conferences they will attend. 
  • User support and education: The customer portal provides various features including forums, a knowledge base, training, and Q&A. They empower the users to educate themselves on the product, without necessarily using Squadcast’s support resources.
  • P2P support and collaboration: Support and collaboration among the users, enabled by Commune, leads to inspiring ideas for future product improvements and sharing user-generated contents.



Knowledge base


Solution & results

The first stage for Squadcast was to prepare user-facing content on Commune. After three months, they launched the official community and are looking forward to seeing certain results around improving user engagement and retention.

Alongside those crucial metrics, they expect to see more positive results achieved with Commune :
Building a sense of community among the users to support user satisfaction
A better understanding of the user journey with the product Managing opportunities to stay competitive in their domain by collecting feedback.

With Commune, Squadcast’s product and growth teams are diligently striving to ensure that the user is always heard and provided with the assistance they need.

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