AI as a Community Copilot: Shaping the Future of Engagement with Commune

Why is AI essential to community management, and how does Commune envision the future shaped by the interweaving of communities and AI? From the unique perspective of a community manager, I aim to unravel these questions and present a journey not just of adaptation, but of revolution in community engagement.

Table of Contents

  1. The Core Roles of a Community Manager
  2. Why is AI needed for community management?
  3. Why Commune’s unique assets enable the creation of a powerful community copilot?

The Core Roles of a Community Manager

The range of responsibilities a community manager takes on to energize a community is vast and varied.

The following are just a few examples, but they highlight the day-to-day hustle and bustle of the role:

  • Engaging through posts within the community
  • Direct messaging to users
  • Reacting and commenting on user-generated content
  • Organizing and hosting unique community events to enhance participation
  • Conducting intimate user interviews and one-on-one sessions
  • Strategically analyzing community dynamics and executing action plans
  • Designing and revising creative assets
  • Beyond these, managing social media platforms and much more

Community manager tasks

At the same time, a significant number of community managers are tasked with marketing and customer success roles, often resulting in a challenging juggling of priorities.

In addition, with the growing adoption of community-centric approaches across industries, not all community managers are seasoned veterans. An increasing influx of newcomers to the role presents challenges, most notably a lack of comprehensive community management knowledge and resources.

Adoption of community initiatives is progressing
Operational knowledge and resource challenges

Why is AI needed for community management?

In a nutshell, AI is necessary to ” democratize community success.”

Until now, community success has largely relied on the expertise and time investment of community managers. However, we aim to use the power of AI to democratize community success and create a world where that is possible even for community managers with limited expertise and time constraints.

At present, there are three main points where AI can significantly support community management (particularly highlighted in the blue section of the pie chart):

  1. In-depth analysis and strategic contemplation for community management
  2. Crafting and suggesting community content
  3. Assisting in creative content creation

Delving deeper into the first two points,

1. In-depth Analysis and Strategic Contemplation for Community Management

Amidst the daily hustle of various tasks, it’s quite challenging to take a step back and deeply contemplate the reasons behind fluctuations in metrics like MAU and what actions could be executed to improve them. Additionally, setting goals regarding how much to increase each metric can be difficult, especially without sufficient experience in community management.

Addressing these challenges and leveraging past successful community case studies to automate appropriate goal-setting, reporting, and strategy recommendations would greatly enhance the reproducibility of effective community management practices.


2. Crafting and suggesting community content

In our internal community lab analysis, we’ve found that the community manager’s activities are particularly crucial initially. (Here is a link to the article mentioning those findings). Deciding what content to provide can take up a surprising amount of time.

In such situations, leveraging past successful community case studies to schedule post themes and propose ideas for event planning and execution operations can ensure various feasible strategies even within limited resources.

Two pivotal insights:

  1. AI is not meant to replace the community manager but should act as a community copilot, supporting community management tasks alongside the community manager
  2. The suggestions from the community copilot should be based on high-confidence proposals derived from past successful community management cases (success stories in community management are not readily available, and many are stored in the minds of experienced community managers)

Why Commune’s unique assets enable the creation of a powerful community copilot?

By leveraging Commune’s rich repository and insights, we can build a robust community copilot.

1. Comprehensive data compilation since day one

It has been six years since the release of Commune, and it has become a global market leader (see the article on achieving Leader status on G2 here). The richness of its features, its capability to address various use cases, and the refinement of the product, which is focused on community management, have become competitive advantages. However, the most significant differentiator is accumulating data related to the hundreds of communities we have supported over the years. Additionally, thanks to our data engineers, the accessibility of this data is maintained at a highly secure level.

2. A Culture Deep-rooted in Documentation

Our ethos is characterized by a deep commitment to documentation, ensuring that knowledge about communities is meticulously recorded. Advances in LLM have transformed previously cumbersome textual data into structured formats, streamlining database management.

3. Existence of the community with all community managers

Our company provides “Commune” as a community success platform, and we ourselves operate an exclusive community called “SHIP” for our customers who utilize “Commune”.

SHIP serves the following aspects:

  1. Enable users to master Commune and excel at community management: Through help pages, training, and valuable content.
  2. Provide a vibrant forum for community managers to share insights and experiences: Through special interest groups, events, and direct messaging.
  3. Encourage collaborative problem solving between customers and our team: Through interactive platforms such as talk boxes, surveys, and Q&A sessions.

The existence of SHIP leads to the accumulation of many successful case studies related to community management, stored as text data, which serves as a valuable database for the community copilot.

  1. The database derived from SHIP and internal documents enhances the accuracy of the community copilot
  2. As the accuracy increases, more community managers have the opportunity to utilize it, leading to increased feedback and further enhancing the accuracy of the community copilot
  3. With an increase in successful case studies from community managers and more sharing of these cases in SHIP, the accuracy of the community copilot is further enhanced

Through this cycle, the community copilot becomes increasingly intelligent, and the daily achievements of community managers contribute to supporting those who will become community managers in the future. We aim to create an ecosystem where community managers’ successes contribute to the support of future community managers.

To usher in a future where every organization’s community thrives, supported by skilled managers and the power of co-creation, Commune is committed to its role as the definitive platform for community success.

Interested in learning more about AI-powered community copilots? Discover how Commune’s AI can transform your community management. Book a demo today to explore further.