Discover customer-led business growth through Commune’s
all-in-one AI powered community platform

The various touch-points with your customers in one-stop-shop platform unleash your business opportunities

The customer portal with powerful features


Build a mutual support system that replaces a great deal of customer support efforts and give a sense of community.

User training

Create and maintain E-learning onboarding programs and educational courses for users to self learn.

Knowledge base

Accumulate any useful information that help customers including instructions, tips, case studies, etc.

Event management

Plan and manage events while tracking each user’s attendance, engagement, and user journey.

Newsletter & push notifications

Boost customer engagement by sending push notifications, email updates for new content, and weekly digest from your portal.

Surveys & feedback

Propose surveys whenever you need. Trace collected answered back to individual to better understand customer’s experiences.


Leverage your existing product and user data and seamlessly
send it to the tools where you’ll turn insights to actions.

Key capabilities

Self-service learning

Strong customer relationships

Peer-to-peer support

Automation for efficiency

Experience optimization

User journey analysis to access user actions and interactions

Stay on top of every move made within your community – user by user. Utilize data to gain a highly detailed perspective on each user’s journey and enhance both the user experience and your sales, customer success strategies.

Fully customizable AI powered community
that comes with a white-label app

Commune offers a white-label app that is customized and rebranded to your existing brand and identity, allowing your business to offer a mobile app to users quickly and efficiently without incurring significant development costs.

Developer tools


More than Zapier integrations, Commune offers
API integration that allows its software to be integrated
into other systems, making it possible to share data and
functionality between the two.


Webhooks automate processes and trigger actions in
response to events that occur within Commune. You can
send real-time notifications to other applications and services, without requiring manual intervention or polling.

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